The Project

The Plans

RBCC Rooftop_omnicient3d Render1 Render2 Render3 RBCC Rooftop_Top RBCC Rooftop_firstpersondeck RBCC Rooftop_bar RBCC Rooftop_fireplace_mainplaza

Special thanks to Brian Mathus for all his preliminary work and conceptual drawings for this project.  Brian has recently graduated from University of Illinois with a degree in Architecture.  He began his work on this project while still in the Architecture program at Lewis and Clark Community College.  He, along with other students, turned our visions into 2D and 3D drawings so that we could better communicate our ideas to those willing to help.

To ensure a safe environment for our kids and all the other people who will utilize this space, we recruited the services of Structural Engineer Joe Hamilton. Joe, from Hamilton Engineering Firm, very generously provided us with the drawings needed to proceed with the first phase of this project. Phase one of the expansion was a 16 x 52 foot deck in the south east corner of our rooftop. The actual construction by volunteers, started in October of 2015.

Phase 1 - The Main Deck

Info coming soon!

Phase 2 - Improved Access

before hole hole2 newdoorhole nowall nowall2 braces braces2 cutting wheelbarrow2 wheelbarrow

Critical to the safety of this new space was to improve the access. While we are not yet handicap accessible, that is a long term goal that we are working toward. The only current access to the rooftop is up a flight of stairs and through a very old elevator machine room. Even though it is pretty fascinating to see how these old machines work, it's not a clean or safe environment for kids. In order to separate the machine room from the rooftop access, several improvements or upgrades need to be made. This gallery shows removal of old brick wall, new masonry from Bennett Construction, temporary bracing, and relocation of the door and window to allow for construction of a new glass partition/wall. The brick and mortar was generously donated by Richards Brick.