JULY 3rd 6pm - 9:30pm

More Information about the Private Fireworks Party is coming soon.  Everything you will need to know you will find here and this page will be continually updated as needed up to the night of the party. We will also use this page to answer Frequently Asked Questions. Please enter your name and RSVP infomation below along with any questions you may have.  

This is an appreciation party for Volunteers, Donors, and Special Guests.  Space on the rooftop is very limited so this party is by invitation only.  The Community Center will be open for additional guests and children but YOU WILL NEED THE TICKETS INCLUDED IN YOUR INVITATION AND YOU MUST RSVP in order to gain access to the rooftop event.  For your safety, and due to the fact that alcohol will be served, the rooftop party is limited to adults over the age of 21. This is still an active construction site so we ask that you please consider that and take the necessary precautions while enjoying yourself on the observation deck that is over 100 feet in the air.

RSVP by filling out the form below
or by calling (618) 465-9850 x213

F.A.Q.  (answers and probably more questions coming soon...)

Q: Are you going to cancel due to rain?

A: Unlike the riverfront we do have plenty of shelter inside.  The community center on the 1 st. floor is where we will head in the event of rain.  City of Alton says they will not make an early decision to cancel fireworks.  If they do cancel fireworks we will also likely close down our party early depending on attendance.  

Q: Where do I park?

A: There will be limited parking available behind our building but it won't last long.  Once that is full you might try the large lot near 4th and Belle or the large parking lot west of Williams street.

Q: Can I buy extra tickets?
A: If you have not been a donor or volunteer for the community center you can still get tickets by making a $20 donation at the door

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: Yes you can bring your kids to the community center.  For your safety, anyone under 21 will not be allowed on the roof except during the fireworks, at which time middle school age kids will be allowed on the roof with a parent.  Younger than middle school age children will not be allowed on the roof during this event.

Q: Are there steps involved or is this wheelchair accessible?
A: You are able to take the elevator to the 7th floor but after that there is 1 and a half flights of stairs to get to the roof.  Those who prefer the stairs over the elevator are welcome to use them for all 7 floors.


Q: Where are the closest restrooms for people on the roof
A:  There mens restrooms on the 7th floor, 5th floor, 4th floor, 3rd floor, and 2nd floor.   There are womens restrooms on the 6th floor, 4th floor, 3rd floor, and 2nd floor.